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Kendra Lucas is a latin dance instructor, choreographer, and performer based in Nashville, TN.  She has been performing and teaching since 2009.  Her casino rueda team Nashville Rueda, has participated in numerous Latin festivals across the southeast including Atlanta, Huntsville, Memphis, and Knoxville.  She has choreographed for the competitive team Music City Salsa which qualified and participated in the 2014 World Latin Dance Cup in Miami.  She loves all styles of salsa and latin dances and specializes in casino rueda, afro-cuban, LA style salsa, bachata, and chachacha.
Contact us if you are interested in....
  • Learning how to salsa dance.
  • Having dancers perform at your event.
  • Having an instructor teach at your event.
  • Having a salsa DJ play music at your party.
  • Getting choregraphy for a dance team.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


  1. Kendra Lucas
    Kendra Lucas
    Director of Lucas Latin Dance
  2. David Lucas
    David Lucas
    Co-director of Lucas Latin Dance
I want to let everybody know this is a great class to take, it's well worth the time. I know that there are some really good dancers and there are also some dancers that need work. The truth is we all can use some help to improve our lead and follow. Remember with practice we become better. So I would highly recommend this to a dancers of Nashville.
Samuel Newton
Kendra has been teaching me for the last several years. 
I have found her private lessons to be very helpful in teaching not only moves and patterns, but timing and styling. She is extremely patient (I'm a very slow learner), and paces my lessons so that I can consolidate what I have learnt, before moving on to the next thing.
She is an excellent teacher. 
Peter Collins
Fun, fun, fun!!!
Lucas Latin Dance Company