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Salsa 101 Online
An Introduction to Salsa Dancing for Beginners
Are you new to salsa?  Are you starting over after not dancing for a year  or more?   Salsa 101 is an online introductory course to salsa that can help get you on the dance floor with style and confidence and is a great option for beginners who prefer self-study.

​​With Salsa 101, we start at the begining with your basic steps and how to count the music and start dancing.  We have years of experience teaching students just like you, so we will warn you about the most common mistakes that we see students make so you can avoid making them.

 In addition to our in-depth lessons, we also offer practice drills with music.  We find that a lot of students have trouble remembering patterns from week to week, but our drills are designed to help you to lock these patterns in your memory, so you will never get on the dance floor again and have you mind go blank.   

For the gentlemen, we offer great tips on how to communicate with your partner so she knows exactly what to do, and for the ladies, we also offer tips on styling and footwork so you can add some artistry to your dancing. 

By the end of this course, you will have a variety of techniques and combinations that you can mix and match leading to a lot of fun on the dance floor.  
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Salsa 101 Includes

  1. 27 Salsa Lessons
    In this course, you will receive 27 detailed salsa lessons that will take you from absolute beginner to intermediate improver in one course. This information equals about 3 months of weekly group lessons.
  2. Practice Drills
    After each lesson, we will give you a practice drill with music. These drills will help you lock these dance techniques in your memory, so once you get on the dance floor it's easier to do the routine without errors. The drills are challenging but essential to building your competence on the dance floor.
  3. Get th App
    Salsa 101 is hosted on Udemy which has it's very own app. Apps make it easy for you to take your dance lessons anywhere including the parties and socials where you will meet up with your dance partners. Having easy access to your classes make practicing a breeze.
  4. 30 Day Guarantee
    We hope that you get a lot out of our course, but if you are unhappy with the course for any reason we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.
  5. A Complete Routine
    By the end of this course, you will have learned over a minute of choreography giving you a variety of turns to have fun with on the dance floor.
  6. The Benefits of Salsa
    Salsa dancing is one of the most fun ways to exercise because the music is joyful and lively, and the parties are a great way to socialize and meet new people. The salsa community is vibrant one with hundreds of cities to dance in and domestic and international dance festivals to explore. It is definitely something that you should be a part of.
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What Our Students Say About Us

"Kendra and David are both very patient and kind--I learn something new every week. I highly recommend their classes, I hope one day I'll have even half as much grace and energy on the dance floor!"

So much poise, experience, knowledge and fun in every event/class I've attended. Kendra and David are a fantastic team and I always walk away feeling my dance life has been taken to a new level!

If you want a solid foundation in latin dancing plus great moves and styling, this is the place to go!


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